NEWS - 2023/03/13

Accelerator Programmes as an Innovation Driver to Improve the Automotive Sector

Accelerator programs are an essential part of the start-up ecosystem in Europe, providing valuable resources and guidance to new emerging companies in various industries. In the field of urban mobility, accelerator programs are particularly important as they offer start-ups the opportunity to innovate and improve transportation while collaborating with European cities that provide living labs to test their solutions.

Accelerator programs for start-ups in the urban mobility sector typically provide mentoring, access to funding opportunities, and networking events. These programs help start-ups by providing a supportive environment in which they can grow their businesses and expand their solutions to new markets, solving the challenges we face to improve our mobility systems.

CARNET believes that start-ups are excellent innovation drivers, reason why we are leading and collaborating with various accelerator programs, which have proven in its past editions to be effective in helping European start-ups within the transportation field. By providing resources and guidance during the programme months, these programs help start-ups to overcome their business challenges and their solutions become a reality in our cities.

Aimed at mature start-ups, the Scale-up Programme, funded by the EIT Urban Mobility, provides companies with mentorship and training to help them scale their business, providing visibility across international events and strategic networking sessions with potential clients and investors. This helps start-ups develop powerful connections to help them develop pilots and expand to new markets.

The E+ Mobility Accelerator Programme is looking for start-ups with a specific focus into the mobility & energy, micro-mobility and shared mobility thematic fields. “Not only the mentors and organisers were top-notch, but we also learned a lot from the other start-ups in the batch. Currently, we have open conversations with city councils and corporations for business development opportunities” states Danae Vara CPO & Co-Founder at Gocleer, participants from the 2022 batch.

Considering transportation and vehicle concepts are evolving and some solutions will find their medium being the air, we are also involved in the UAM Plazza Accelerator Programme, looking for emerging companies in the field of urban air mobility in Europe. The accelerator offers mentorship on market and technology validation, business, and regulation, access to living labs, and a strategic connection to key players in the field.

Additionally, our scouting activities help us identify the most disruptive ideas and emerging trends in the fields of automotive and urban mobility. Thanks to the network of our founding members and industrial partners, and our growing innovation ecosystem we can help various stakeholders boost their solutions and help them introduce their products in real environments.

Ultimately, the continued success of these programs and activities will help to drive innovation and positively change in the urban mobility sector, benefitting both businesses and society as a whole.