NEWS - 2021/07/03

Future Mobility Days 2021

Every year, Volkswagen Group and SEAT promote an innovation event where the most recent and innovative research projects are presented, the Future Mobility Days. CARNET, as the Barcelona hub for Volkswagen Group Innovation, is present every year introducing its activities. This year the event was held simultaneously from Wolfsburg (Germany) and Martorell (Spain) from 28 to 30 June.

In Martorell, a two days event was held within SEAT premises in order to present, through over 20 stands, the most prominent innovation activities of the Group. This year’s innovations were covering a wide range of topics from autonomous driving or Connected Mobility to recycled materials or air quality monitoring. The event was open to all employees, who attended in reduced pre-organized groups, allowing a better interaction between the attendees and the representatives of each innovation and encouraging a deeper discussion.

CARNET was represented by Creative and Strategic Director, Andreu Solà Gomfaus, and Senior Project Manager, Cristina Juárez. The event allowed CARNET to present and further explain the portfolio of innovative projects being developed during the past year, as well as our future goals. CARNET also had the opportunity to showcase the prototype of an autonomous vehicle that the teams of our Autonomous Driving Challenge (ADC) received in order to develop their autonomous driving software, which will be presented and tested during Smart City Expo World Congress 2021.

In Wolfsburg, Volkswagen Group Innovation, the automotive group’s incubator for innovative vehicle and mobility solutions for 50 years, showed the status of their most interesting and disruptive projects for the group’s brands. This June, 69 stands presented the results on decarbonization, vehicle security, resources conservation, and future mobility models. Represented by CARNET’s Industrial Director, Alexander Siebeneich, and project Manager, Celeste Reglá, projects such as the Autonomous Delivery Device (ADD) and the Kick-scooter Sharing Helmet were shown, which conceptualizes the future of the delivery services and a smart solution for integrating a helmet on a shared scooter.

With our minds already set in the 2022 edition, CARNET keeps working on key projects to develop and implement new innovative technologies in the urban mobility field. We are focused on making our cities more liveable and adapting our streets to the needs of citizens, as innovation must evolve hand-by-hand with society in order to overcome real challenges and improve citizens’ lives.